30 September
Download Psychedelic Shamanism: The Cultivation, Preparation and Shamanic Use of Psychoactive Plants - Jim DeKorne
Psychedelic Shamanism: The Cultivation, Preparation and Shamanic Use of Psychoactive Plants

From the author of The Hydroponic Hot House comes the boldest exploration of psychedelic plants since Terence McKenna's Food of the Gods. DeKorne is a "psychonaut" exploring the "imaginal realms" through Personal experimentation and scholarly research. He guides the reader through the history and lore of psychotropic plants, with advice on how to handle the eerie "Entitles" one encounters in "hyperspace". Plants and covered include: Belladonna Alkaloids; Acid Amide; Mescaline; Ayahuasca; DMT from Plants; Psilocybin; and more.

Author: Jim DeKorne
Pages: 155 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 37.41 Mb
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