31 May
Download Voice And Diction Handbook - Robert G. King
Voice And Diction Handbook

What image is projected by one's speech pattern? How can one improve that image? Where do problems lie, what principles must one learn, and what pragmatics must one master to project a positive image? This serious volume answers these and other questions as it prepares and motivates the reader to learn, practice, and develop accepted and expected voice and speech patterns that convey intelligence, competence, and professionalism. Its clear, pragmatic approach focuses on the accumulative reinforcement of learned skills, encouraging the reader to carry over developed skills to the new material as it is presented. Clinically sound and carefully tested, this work offers special help for the ESL students, unique explanations on body readiness, and specific exercises for voice production.

Author: Robert G. King
Format: PDF
Size: 28.10 Mb
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