31 July
Download Methods, Sex and Madness - Julia O'Connell Davidson, Derek Layder
Methods, Sex and Madness

Social research yields knowledge which powerfully affects our daily lives. The facts it generates shape not just how we see ourselves and others, but also whether or not we see the existing status quo as normal, just and legitimate. This book examines and questions the methods used by social researchers to produce such knowledge. It focuses chiefly on research into human sexuality and madness, and introduces and critically assesses everything from survey methods to participant observation. It opens up broader philosophical debates about the nature of knowledge, and highlights issues surrounding the ethics and politics of research. The book looks at the research community and the research process in detail before moving on to examine the main techniques used in social research: the use of official statistics; the survey method; interviewing; laboratory observation; ethnography; the use of documentary sources; and textual analysis.

Author: Julia O'Connell Davidson, Derek Layder
Pages: 256 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.35 Mb
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