30 June
Download Christian Faith and Religious Diversity: Mobilization for the Human Family - John B. Cobb Jr.
Christian Faith and Religious Diversity: Mobilization for the Human Family

Few questions are as persistent and nettling for Christians as those posed by religious pluralism. Are Christians to see themselves as having an exclusive take on religious truth? Is knowledge of Jesus Christ necessary to a person's salvation? What are Christians to make of the manifest insights and wisdom of other religious traditions? In this lucid and sensitively written book, renowned theologian John Cobb tackles such concerns. He tries to show, first, how Christians can respond to religious diversity in faithfulness to scripture and tradition without the negative teachings that have often marred the past. Second, Cobb sketches the rise of religious pluralism in American history and how each of nine religious traditions has something to offer, and to teach, committed Christians today.

Author: John B. Cobb Jr.
Pages: 72 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 34.12 Mb
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