31 July
Download Feedback Control Systems - John Van de Vegte
Feedback Control Systems

A compact exploration of the behavior of dynamic systems and how this behaviour may be changed by the use of feedback. *explains concepts in the simplest possible mathematical framework and develops concepts of design in parallel with those of analysis. *includes extensive coverage of modeling of physical systems. *features two chapters on state space analysis and design. *provides two chapters on digital computer control. *expands coverage of the classical root locus and frequency response design techniques, provides stepwise procedures for each, with examples for each case, treats phase-lag, phase-lead, and PID control design in separate sections *provides an expanded and formalized treatment of block diagram reduction, following the derivation of such diagrams for physical systems, and a discussion of signal flow graphs and Masons Gain Formula. *introduces the s-plane in Chapter 1, permitting early coverage of transient response calculation. *discusses controller tuning. *provides introductory-level coverage of advanced topics such as multivariable (ch. 13) and nonlinear controls (ch. 14)

Author: John Van de Vegte
Pages: 496 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.65 Mb
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