27 August
Download The Rookie's Guide to Options: The Beginner's Handbook of Trading Equity Options - Mark D. Wolfinger, Laura Sether
The Rookie's Guide to Options: The Beginner's Handbook of Trading Equity Options

Learn to use options from veteran option trader Mark D. Wolfinger, who spent more than 20 years on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). If you are a seasoned stock trader or a casual investor who dabbles in mutual funds, this book is for you. Learn why stock options a versatile investment tool that has seen explosive growth over the past few years belong in your portfolio. If you re already trading options, this book is also for you. You will gain a thorough understanding of option pricing, function and equivalents, which will help you trade more effectively. Learning to adopt more advanced option strategies, like iron condors and double diagonals, will help protect your nest egg and, at the same time, earn healthy returns. Unlike many options guides, this book features step-by-step instructions, with extensive examples that outline the costs and benefits of each choice along the way everything you need to plan and execute each trade on your own. Wolfinger shows you how to analyze alternatives and explains why each may be appropriate for a particular investor with certain investment objectives. You ll develop a basis for deciding what is suitable for you and your investment philosophy. A thorough understanding of option basics will help you move on to powerful strategies to earn high returns with limited risk. Wolfinger s strategies will help ensure that your portfolio survives a market downturn. Stock options first traded on an exchange a mere 35 years ago and have exploded in popularity in recent years. Today nearly two billion options trade every year in the United States alone. Many people dabble in options without really understanding how they work and how they can be used most effectively. The Rookie s Guide to Options: The Beginner s Handbook of Trading Equity Options will give you the basic trading tools you need to start trading options profitably, as well as help you move on to more advanced strategies. Options were created to allow risk takers to hedge part of that risk. This book will help you learn to use options they way they were originally intended to manage risk and increase profits. You ll be guided step-by-step as the author guides you through the decision-making process in terms of puts, calls, strike prices, expiration dates and strategic equivalents. This book, aimed at the beginning options investor, will help you gain a clear understanding of how you ve been using options for years, even if unaware of doing so. If you have bought car insurance, accepted a rain check at a discount store or used a bus transfer, you already understand the concept of using options. If you thought options were too complicated, Wolfinger s clear and detailed explanations put that myth to rest. You ll see how to adopt basic options strategies, how to use them to earn profits and how to manage risk effectively. You ll move on to learn about the versatility of options and master advanced strategies, such as iron condors and double diagonals all selected to help you minimize risk and maximize profits. Learn how you can use options to: 1. Sell your stock above market value. 2. Turn a non-performing stock into a profitable investment. 3. Protect your holdings against a disastrous bear market and even profit in a bear market. 4. Create steady income. 5. Manage risk. 6. Earn profits more often than those who buy only stock. 7. Limit losses. 8. Own investments that earn a profit when the market moves higher or lower. The Rookie s Guide to Options: The Beginner s Handbook of Trading Equity Options shows you how you can get the most out of these versatile tools to protect your investments, create steady income and generate substantial profits.

Author: Mark D. Wolfinger, Laura Sether
Pages: 272 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 25.59 Mb
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