23 June
Download Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind - David M. Buss
Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind

Composed of cutting-edge research and featuring an engaging writing style, the author offers compelling scientific answers to the profound human questions regarding love and work.

Beginning with a historical introduction, the text logically progresses by discussing adaptive problems humans face and ends with a chapter showing how the new field of evolutionary psychology encompasses all branches of psychology. Each chapter is alive with the subjects that most occupy our minds: sex, mating, getting along, getting ahead, friends, enemies, and social hierarchies. Why is child abuse 40 times more prevalent among step-families than biologically intact families? Why, according to one study, did 75% of men but 0% of women consent to have sex with a complete stranger? Buss explores these intriguing quandaries with his vision of psychology in the new millennium as a new science of the mind.

Anyone with an interest in the biological facets of human psychology will find this a fascinating read.

Author: David M. Buss
Format: PDF
Size: 17.83 Mb
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