29 September
Download Sexuality in Greek and Roman Literature and Society: A Sourcebook - Marguerite Johnson, Terry Ryan
Sexuality in Greek and Roman Literature and Society: A Sourcebook

This volume contains numerous original translations of ancient poetry, inscriptions and documents, all of which illuminate the multifaceted nature of sexuality in antiquity.
The detailed introduction provides full social and historical context for the sources, and guides students on how to use the material most effectively. Themes such as marriage, prostitution and same-sex attraction are presented comparatively, with material from the Greek and Roman worlds shown side by side. This approach allows readers to interpret the written records with a full awareness of the different context of these separate but related societies. Commentaries are provided throughout, focusing on vocabulary and social and historical context.
This is the first major sourcebook on ancient sexuality; it will be of particular use on related courses in classics/ancient history and gender studies.

Author: Marguerite Johnson, Terry Ryan
Pages: 282 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 13.52 Mb
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