31 March
Download The Earth System - Lee R. Kump, James F. Kasting, Robert G. Crane
The Earth System

The first book of its kind that addresses the issues of global change from a perspective of Earth as a system, "The Earth System" offers a solid emphasis on lessons from Earth history that may guide decision-making in the future. This book teaches global change and how it affects our environment. Modern topics covered by this comprehensive book are the atmosphere and global warming, the circulation of the oceans, plate tectonics, ecosystems, the origin of Earth and life, the rise of oxygen and ozone depletion, biodiversity, and climate stability. Because of its incredibly detailed appendices, tables, and suggestions for further reading, this will make an excellent reference work for geologists, oceanographers, meteorologists, and geographers.

Author: Lee R. Kump, James F. Kasting, Robert G. Crane
Pages: 419 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.21 Mb
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