31 August
Download Physical Properties of Foods - Serpil Şahin, Servet Gülüm Sumnu
Physical Properties of Foods

We have been teaching an undergraduate course of Physical Properties of Foods in Department of FoodEngineeringinMiddleEastTechnicalUniversityforfouryears.Wehavehaddif?cultyin?nding asuitabletextbookforundergraduatestudentssincestandardphysicalpropertiesoffoodsbooksdonot coverallthephysicalpropertiessuchassize, shape, volumeandrelatedphysicalattributes, rheological properties, thermal properties, electromagnetic properties, water activity and sorption properties, and surface properties together. In addition, engineering concepts and physical chemistry knowledge are not combined in these books. We tried to write a book to provide a fundamental understanding of physical properties of foods. In this book, the knowledge of physical properties is combined with food science, physical chemistry, physics and engineering knowledge. Physical properties data are required during harvesting, proce- ing, storageandevenshippingtotheconsumer.Thematerialinthebookwillbehelpfulforthestudents to understand the relationship between physical and functional properties of raw, semi-?nished and processed food to obtain products with desired shelf-life and quality. This book discusses basic de?nitions and principles of physical properties, the importance of ph- ical properties in food industry and measurement methods. Moreover, recent studies in the area of physicalpropertiesaresummarized.Inaddition, eachchapterisprovidedwithexamplesandproblems. Theseproblemswillbehelpfulforstudentsfortheirself-studyandtogaininformationhowtoanalyze experimental data to generate practical information. This book is written to be a textbook for undergraduate students which will ?ll the gap in physical propertiesarea.Inaddition, thematerialinthebookmaybeofinteresttopeoplewhoareworkinginthe ?eld of Food Science, Food Technology, Biological Systems Engineering, Food Process Engineering and Agricultural Engineering. It will also be helpful for graduate students who deal with physical properties in their res

Author: Serpil Şahin, Servet Gülüm Sumnu
Pages: 254 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.43 Mb
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